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Architecture Bible Study Polity Clergy Clothing Terminology
Theology Public Worship

Acolyte Alb Altar Altar Linens Ambo Ambry Aumbry Amice Amillennialism Anglican Communion Anglican Collar Anthem Apocrypha Apollinarianism Apologetics Apologist Apology Apostolic Constitutions Apostolic Apse Archbishop Arianism Arminianism

Bishop Black Blue

Calvinism Canon (person) Cardinal Cassock Catechumen Cathedra Cathedral Catholic Celebrant Celibacy Celibate Chalice Chalice Pall Chalice Veil Chancel Chancel Screen
Chant Chapel Chasuble Choir Robes Christ Christus victor Ciborium Cincture Clergy Clergy Shirt Clerical Collect Colors Colors Communion Table Compunction Confession Congregation Consecrate Consecration Contrite, Contrition Cope Corporal Cotta Form Criticism Higher Criticism Lower Criticism Redaction Criticism Cross (pectoral) Cross (sign) Crucifer Crucifix Curate

Dalmatic Deacon Dean Diocese Dispensationalism
Documentary Hypothesis Dog Collar Donatism

East Wall Eisegesis Elder
Eparchy Epistle Epitrachilion The Eucharist Evangelical Excommunicate Exegesis

Fair Linen Father Historic Floor Plan Lecture-Hall Floor Plan Forgive Forgiveness Free will Fundamentalist

Gnosticism Gold Gospel Grace Green Guilt

Heaven Hell Heresy Hermeneutics Heterodox
High Altar Holy Hymn

Icon Iconostasis Incense
Indigo Ivory

Justify, Justification


Lay Reader
Lectern Lectionary Liturgy

Manichaeism Messiah Millennialism Minister Mitre Monarchianism

Nave Neckband Shirt New Testament

Offering Officiant Old Testament Oratory Ordinary Time
Ordination Original Sin Orthodox

Paraments Parish Pastor Paten Patriarch Pelagianism Penance Penitent, Penitence Pew Phelonion Poias Polemics Pope Prayer Desk Predestination Presbyter Presbytery Prie-Dieu Priest Priesthood Procession Protestant Providence Pulpit Purificator Purple Pyx (or Pyxis)


Readings Rector Red Repent Repentance Reverend Robe Roman Collar Rood Screen Rose

Sacristy Saint Sanctuary Sanctify, Sanctification See Septuagint Sexton Sin Shrine Skull Cap Soutane Stage Sticharion Stole Surplice Synaxis Synoptic Gospels

Tab-Collar Shirt Tabernacle Communion Word Theologoumenon Thurifer Thurible Transept

Universal Church

Vestments Vestry Vicar